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Labrador Retriever

How to Lose a Dog Indoors and Out

Dear Mr. Wade, I am writing you today to inquire about my 8.5 month old pure bred chocolate Labrador Retriever. She’s a beautiful dog in every sense of the word with a few annoying exceptions. Is there anything I can do to curb this chewing as she has decided she would like to now chew …

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Treats Over Training

Hi John, I hope you can help me. When my 18 mth old Labrador Retriever X sees another dog while we are walking, she bristles, barks and lunges at the other dog. I’m the only one she does this with, we had her evaluated at a reputable training facility and she was perfectly fine on …

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GatorAid Puppy Mouthing Nipping Biting

Hello John, I am the owner of a 12 week old female black Labrador Retriever who is really challenging my confidence. I really love her and do not want to give her up but she has become a serial biter. She is drawing blood and  bruised me more then once. I have found myself in …

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