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Dog Anxiety and Fear of Thunderstorms

Dog Anxiety Thunder SoundtrackDog Anxiety often occurs during or even before thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can create low to high dog anxiety. There are a variety of different things to try to help reduce thunderstorm related fear. I have a very high quality downloadable soundtrack of thunderstorms that should be used as part of your strategy to desensitize your dog. Initially played at lower levels, gradually increasing in volume can impact dog anxiety around thunderstorms.

If you are reading this because your dog has recently shown a low degree of anxiety I strongly suggest you start considering it as a serious problem. Years of experience have taught me mild reactions almost always grow over time into serious reactions that really impact the quality of life of both the dog and owner. Dogs that showed a little nervousness at the sound of thunder begin to react to pre thunderstorm signs such as changes in barometric pressure and the switch between ions that occur in advance and after storms.

While I haven’t any personal experience with any of the various vests you will find below I can say that I have had two clients report back that while they made the purchase with some doubt they were very happy with the results. One noted the their dog’s symptoms reduced slightly on the first storm and a bit more the second and by the third storm was reduced to the extent that the dog was calm enough to eat its dinner during the storm which it had never been able to do before the vest strategy was tried.

The ideas behind the dog anxiety vests below differ somewhat so read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. I did not think that the cost was unreasonable. I did check recently and all of the vests have a money-back guarantee.

If you have experience with any of these products good or bad please send in your comments.

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Treatment Options

Thunderstorm Soundtrack

Storm Defender

Thunder Shirt

The Anxiety Wrap

Ask the Dog Guy Dog Anxiety Thunder Soundtrack

Ask the Dog Guy Dog Anxiety Storm Defender Ask the Dog Guy Dog Anxiety Thundershirt Ask the Dog Guy Dog Anxiety Wrap

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