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Dog Sprayed By a Skunk? Here’s a Great Homemade De-Skunking Solution

Dog Sprayed by a Skunk Recipe Help

Your Dog Sprayed by a Skunk Emergency?

There’s only one thing worse then the smell of a skunk and that’s a dog sprayed by a skunk or more specifically when the dog sprayed by a skunk is yours or maybe the smell of a skunk on your dog while he or she is laying on you couch moments after you let him or her in. When this happens it’s usually after dark and any store that sells a commercial de-skunking product is closed. There are a variety of home remedies for getting rid of the smell on a skunk sprayed dog but they don’t work very well and some not at all. The exception to the rule actually works better than any commercial product, costs less and most people will have the ingredients handy. Chemist Paul Krebaum’s home made recipe has been tested and given the thumbs up on the Mythbusters television show. All you need is a quart of 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, two teaspoons of Ivory dish detergent (you can use others but Paul says this works best.) and a quarter cup of baking soda. Mix it together in a plastic pail, pour onto the dog, rub it in, leave it for 5 minutes and abracadabra, one de-skunked dog. Rinse and repeat if necessary. The pdf on the other end of the following link has answers to most frequently asked questions. Remove Skunk Smell From Your Dog Recipe The reason Paul hasn’t made millions with this magical mixture is because it has to be used as soon as it’s mixed. If you premix then the release of oxygen that occurs when everything is combined is going to rather dramatically burst the seams of whatever you seal it up in. Not very useful and dangerous to boot. Now if he would just come up with some way to deal with doggy breath.

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