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Draw the Dog

I’m not quite sure how to describe this so I’ll let Jim and Bruce ( do so for me:

Draw the Dog is drawn by Jim George, one of your typical ex-Disney animators who lives near the beach in Venice and once spent years animating in a cabin in the woods and who has been creating characters for film and TV and who has been a director and book author and who also has a counseling practice and who really likes animals and people, too.

Jim draws the cartoons; Bruce Kasanoff does everything else. This is because Bruce can’t draw and Jim doesn’t want to do anything else.

We post a new cartoon every day except for Sundays. This is not so much due to our religious beliefs, but mostly because we are tired by Sunday.

We already knew how much people love dogs. But it is one thing to be aware of something, and another to experience it deeply. Since that first week, we have received wave after wave of heartfelt stories. Some describe their new puppies. Other describe long-lost dogs, whose memories return when the owners take the time to share his or her stories with us.

People from 95 countries have discovered our site. The first big wave came from Finland; we’re not sure how. Lately, we’ve been getting a growing number of stories from the UK. We have surprisingly healthy followings in Australia and Thailand.

We’re not sure where this will take us, but we are having a lot of fun.

The best part of all is when I get to send an email to one of you, saying that today’s cartoon was inspired by your dog. The notes you write back make it all worthwhile. So please share your stories, visit often, and subscribe so you won’t miss a single cartoon.

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm!

Jim and Bruce

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