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Finding A Great Cane Corso Breeder And Avoiding Cane Corso And Other ‘Greeders’

Hi John,

I’m actually in the market to add a Corso to my home. I currently have a 23month old Corso with bone cancer. She has a few more months to live. Do you have any suggestions on quality breeders? I normally rescue my dogs like my current Corso whom I got after finding a pregnant female abandoned in a squatter home. I am not wanting to go through all the health problems my Corso has had. I want a puppy I can work with from the outset who has a health guarantee and properly checked parents. While I do understand that it can’t guarantee that the Corso will never get sick it’s less likely to be. My Corso has a great temperament and looks I’m interested in. I’m not looking for show quality but one that matches the original breed standards. Not a Mastiff mix.

I’ve attached a photo of my current Corso.


Intro To Video Answer

The sad truth for North American companion dog owners and dogs is all that is required to be a dog breeder is the ability to distinguish between a male and a female dog and the vast majority know this and very little else. Some know a bit more but perhaps one in a hundred really do the job correctly. Even sadder is these cream of the crop breeders are being buried by the ‘greeders’ and deserve far more credit than they receive. I will do a more thorough ‘pawdcast’ on good breeding practices to look for when you’re looking for a dog if enough interest develops. Here are some tips about finding a knowledgeable breeder and the sorts of things that mean it’s a knowledgeable breeder. The person that wrote the letter was looking for a Cane Corso Breeder but much of what follows is applicable to finding a breeder of any breed. This video isn’t by any means intended to be a complete guide regarding finding a good breeder but it does provide some eye-opening considerations on why so few breeders should be breeding dogs along with a few tips on how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Some breeds are mini-vans and some breeds are Ferraris. The Cane Corso is no-minivan. For those thinking of purchasing the breed or have one and are having some difficulties, this link leads to a considerable amount of free Q&A’s additional information on the Cane Corso breed specifically:

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