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Heel When Walked and Come When Called

HeelWhile a walk is an excellent way of stimulating your dog’s mind, as you likely have already observed from an exercise perspective it doesn’t really meet a dog’s needs. Running about, playing with other dogs, chasing a ball for half an hour or more is the sort of exercise that provides physical and mental health benefits. Exercise relaxes a dog’s body, but also its mind, resulting in an overall calmer dog.

Many dogs go without healthy off leash exercise because they won’t come when called whether that being due to indifference or easily distracted socially or because of aggression towards other dogs etc.

I know that in the beginning, going places and doing things together with your dog was very much a part of your plan. However, even after traditional dog training many people find teaching a solid Come and Heel very difficult and it’s not long before they find taking their dog for a walk difficult and letting it off leash impossible and soon the number and quality of the outings are fewer. Outside of the loss in companionship, also lost are the mental and physical health benefits to your dog. Dogs Playing

It’s not too late. I’ve been training for over 20 years and have yet to see a dog that couldn’t be taught to Heel and/or Come. Leave your dog with me for a few days and I’ll lay the foundation for you during the day and incorporate you a bit each evening when you pick your dog up.

Having your dog learn to Come and Heel is a priceless investment that you won’t regret. Click Here for Pricing

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