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Marking Dog (Pug)

Hi John,
I have a pug that is lifting his leg in front of us and peeing in the house which has now caused our other two dogs to do the same. They are put outside plenty throughout the day but still continue to pee in the house. Now our pug has resorted to peeing and pooping on our bed! What can we do to stop this we are at the point of getting rid of them but because of how they are behaving we can’t send them to someone else’s house. We have tried everything I would love to get help to solve this problem so we can keep them because they are apart of the family. Please help us!
D. Grande prairie Alberta
Hi D.,
Thanks for the email. We have to keep in mind that I haven’t met your dog or can ask the questions I would ask in a consultation but I can say what you’re describing is likely more of a relationship problem than a house training problem as the dog is “marking”. I call it sending a dog owner a “p-mail” where p can stand for pee and/or poo. It’s an anxiety based response you can get when a dog thinks you need reminders as to who’s the teacher and who’d the student in the household. Part of the treatment does approach it like it’s a house soiling problem but the bulk of it is massaging the relationship back into a structure the dog clearly understands and no longer has to worry about being supposedly in charge. It’s not a ton of work and makes for a happier household all around as dogs find this sort of situation stressful, hence the p-mail.
I offer telephone consultations if you can’t find someone locally to help. If so let me know:
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