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All Positive Training is Wrong

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All Positive Training is Wrong

This is an radio interview I did in London Ontario on CJBK 1290 offering a counter-perspective regarding ‘All Positive/Force-Free’ all the time dog training and equipment banning etc. Some of you may be aware of recent developments in Toronto and Florida where animal rights agenda is being use to attempt the banning of some dog training equipment and the mandating by law of ‘All Positive/Force-Free’ all the time training. It should be said that I am not in favour of might is right dog training philosophies either. I’m also attaching a poster (posted once before) that expresses my feelings further just case you’re left undecided as to my perspective on the matter. 🙂 Listen by clicking on the link.


I don’t want anyone to think that because I’ve uploaded this poster that I’m not aware of the other side of the story. I agree with some of the “‘All Positive/Force-Free'” trainers that there is still far too much “yank and crank/might is right” training going on in “balanced” circles, especially weirdly enough by newer (5 years or less) dog trainers. Never the less, the “‘All Positive/Force-Free'” training community disseminates far too much inaccurate misinformation about balanced training as I understand and believe in it. This poster reflects some of that. I believe, that in the context of companion dog training the “‘All Positive/Force-Free'” approach does far more harm then good. It is bad for the dogs, their owners, and it is bad for companion dog training. Feel free to share amongst your dog loving friends whether they be owners, trainers, groomers, veterinarians, vet techs, dog walkers etc. Particularly in Toronto, Ontario and Florida where some bizarre legislation is being considered regarding dog ownership as a result of campaigning by some equally bizarre animal rights activists. I’m in favour of animal welfare.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and woman do nothing.”

All Positive Dog Training

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