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Puppy Pad Problems

Transitioning a Dog From Puppy Pad to the Yard

I have a 9-month-old male husky. He was raised by his previous owner to use a puppy pad indoors. I’ve tried to get him to go outdoors, but as soon as I let him in he runs to the pad or where ever the pad was and goes to the washroom there. It almost seems impossible to train him. I’ve tried to remove the puppy pad but he will just go on the floor, no matter how long he was outside. Sometimes for hours. I need help.

– Feeling “Crappy” in London

Hi, Feeling “Crappy” in London,

Have you tried placing a soiled puppy pad on the spot you want the dog to eliminate?

Puppy Pad ProblemsAnother technique is for a while to use a tray inside the house with sides about the size of one or more of the puppy pad dimensions and put a piece of sod in it and peg the pad down on top of it.

Every day cut an inch or so from the sides of the puppy pad revealing a little more grass. You also move the tray a little closer to the door day by day as well and sometimes from outside the doorstep by step to the part of the yard you want the dog to eliminate. Supervise the eliminations by developing a schedule.

I can send you my free house training cheat sheet (and anyone else that wants a copy just send me an email.) so the pup doesn’t play with the sod. The cheat covers things like feeding times, how to make supervision a little easier, how to get the dog to go 3 times a day to the same spot. It’s only a couple pages.

However, if your dog is a real hardcore problem then I’d recommend buying my actual e-booklet. It’s cheap ($4.99) and covers every possible eventuality if you think you have one of “those” house soiling problems.


John Wade

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