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Remote Collar Trained Dogs Have More Fun – Animation

Short Animation about Remote Collar Dog Training

There aren’t too many people in the dog training world not on one side of the fence or the other about remote collar training. The video to the left is a pretty par representation of the perspective of both sides (although without the blood shed).

My experience has been that when you take the time to look into both sides it’s not so much this or any training tool. It’s the tool at the end of the tool you have to be careful of. In the case of remote collars I’ve found that anyone that takes the time to learn how to use one properly does get the sort of results the dog in the animation describes.

I spent quite a bit of time a while ago researching the reality vs myth of remote collars for a presentation I was doing for an RVT conference. It ended up being a lot of work. I had to keep digging deeper to get to speak to the person quoted or read the actual studies quoted as I kept running into an awful lot of literary license, even from the scientific types. I read the studies the against side pointed to, contacting people mentioned anecdotally including dog owners, veterinarians. None of it panned out in the manner presented. I ended up concluding that if those opposed to remote collars are serious they’re undermining their own credibility with the way they are presenting opinion as fact. There were a lot of half truths, misrepresentations and frankly bad science. There may be definitive scientific study one way or another but I couldn’t find it. In the end all I had to rely on was eyes on/hands on experience. I did run into one fellow that I think just shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog let alone train one with a remote collar. By far though, the trainers I met that use remote collars did so in a way that produced happy dogs that certainly did have far more freedom and greater responsiveness when asked to “Come/Stay/Heel”.

That’s not to say that I think one couldn’t create a problem using a remote collar but I’m convinced that if a dog owner takes the time to learn how to use one correctly it’s seems to me to be unlikely. I’ve seen negative consequences suffered through the incorrect use of all training equipment including a basic flat collar which in part is why I took the time to learn more about remote collar use.

Never the less from the perspective of the average dog owner I can see with two diametrically view points how it would be confusing.

If you are a dog owner and have some questions about remote collar training for your dog feel free to post a question. I can help you with the pros and cons of different remote collars, and training approaches or even decide if it’s the right tool for what your goals are. If you are in the London Ontario area I can also help you with learning how to use it properly so your dog is happy and trained. If you are not in the area I can help you find or tell you what to look for in a remote collar trainer.


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