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How To Send Video and/or Pictures Of Your Dog’s Behavior

Video & Photographs
If you feel it would help, send John Wade any video or photographic examples of the issues in advance of our appointment or in relation to an email question you are sending. Photographs can be sent as email attachments. Videos are usually too large so please send to me using this simple to use, free service.
  1. Load the video onto your computer.
  2. Visit the site
  3. Click on the +Add files button
  4. Find the video file or files and add
  5. Add my email to “Friend’s email” [email protected]
  6. Add your email to “Your email”
  7. You do not need to include a message
  8. Click on “Transfer”
The file will upload. Once it has, I will be notified by email. I will upload and once I have done so you will receive an email letting you know I have the file. If you have other questions you will find the answers here,

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