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Two Mature Dachshunds Fighting Out of The Blue

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I have two 7-year-old dachshunds (Max & Louie) that have been together since they were puppies., They are from different litters and different parents. I have never had any problems, they have always gotten along great. Recently, Louie (the normally laid back and submissive one) has begun displaying dominant behavior towards max (the normally outgoing and dominant one). Louie won’t back off no matter what I do he is determined to posture over top of Max and eventually it leads to humping and all the like such as that. This behavior has started just “out of the blue”. Do you have any advice on why behavior like this starts and how in the world to stop it?

Jonathan M. – Reidsville, NC

Hi Jonathan,   Normally I’d have a few behavior modification suggestions right off the bat however it isn’t “normal” for such a drastic change in a dog’s behavior at this age.

If you’re sure there hasn’t from the dogs’ perspective been any significant lifestyle changes it’s better to first look to see if there’s an underlying medical issue before you start exacerbating the matter by trying to intervene behaviour modification-wise. 

Head to the vets and tell him or her that you are there because there has been a significant completely out of character change. Stethoscope and temperature examinations will not suffice.

I would recommend:

Also, I’ve selected some links and added them below that might help as well.


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Mary L

Please be sure to check out the formerly dominant dog as well. If he is allowing challenges from a subordinate, they are likely both aware that something (possibly physical) is weakening his position of authority.

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