Watch – “On the Origins of Dogs: Barking up the Evolutionary Tree” – Speaker – Patricia Princehouse, PhD

“On the Origins of Dogs: Barking up the Evolutionary Tree”

Part 1

  1. Canine-human bond
  2. Significance of dogs in evolutionary theory
    1. Extensive variation, role of selection
    2. Limitations on variation & thus selection
    3. Rate of Change
    4. Mosaic evolution in anatomy & behavior

Part 2

  1. Canine Origins and evolution
  2. Human-canine co-evolution
    1. Morphological & behavioral
    2. Multiple independent domestications

Part 3

  1. Hypothetical scenario – The Pyrenees
    1. Cro-magnon people
    2. Archeological evidence
    3. Genetic evidence
    4. Linguistic & geographic evidence

Watch the Lecture

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