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What the Hell is Corn Gluten Meal?

This excellent article from the Terrierman’s Site starts out talking about corn gluten meal but goes into some other details that are very interesting.

Corn. “Everyone” knows corn is crap, and never mind if it a key ingredient in every sled dog diet, and never mind if this food has been tested to the outer edge, and proven to be a fine food for dogs, and that there is not one longitudinal peer-reviewed feed trial that says otherwise.

And then there is the word “gluten,” with its echo of Chinese toxic dog food.

Wasn’t it rice gluten than killed all those dogs? No? Well, no matter. Gluten is bad anyway. Pretty sure about that!

And to prove it, they guickly Google and come up with this little gem: that corn gluten meal can be used as a “natural” herbicide on lawns. An herbicide. They run screaming into the woods. Except that it’s not an herbicide — it’s a pre-emergent, and it works by preventing sprouting seeds from developing side roots, which may make young plants susceptible to dehydration if the soil gets dry. For this stuff to work at all, you have to put down 20 pounds of it on 1,000 square feet, and it’s not cheap. And it’s also not toxic. In fact, it is so non-toxic, that the EPA has made it exempt from all registration requirements — the same as water.

OK, but why is it being used in dog food?

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