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ATDG’s Puppy and Dog Stuff Newsletter Issue # 3 (June 19, 2022)

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Issue # 3 (June 2022)

Made Me Chuckle

Opt Employees Must Lick

I’m a fan of the cartoonist Jim Shoenbill. I love his drawing style and of course his sense of humor. You can find more of his work on his website:

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Dear Ask The Dog Guy

Dog Owner's Desperate Search For Answers To Jumping, Lunging, Mouthing, And Biting

Rottweiler jumping

Excerpt: I’m reasonably certain there is nothing the matter with your Rottweiler, and there’s nothing the matter with you. What is the matter is what you have been led to believe and put into practice regarding how dogs see the world, learn life skills, etc. Click Here To Read Letter and ATDG Response.

Thinking Of Switching Dog Foods?

Here are a Ton of Things You Normally Wouldn't Think Of Considering

I originally made this video for people with puppies but I’ve come to realize that many people often wonder if they’ve picked the best food for their dog (and budget). The video doesn’t steer you towards specific brands but lets you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, the sizzle from the steak marketing in this highly competitive industry. It has been a help to my clients, I hope it helps you.

Ask the Dog Guy Quick Tip (YouTube)

Paw Safety In The Summer

If you have any questions or comments as always, please give me feedback on Twitter. Which part of this newsletter is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @askthedogguy and put #askthedogguynewsletter at the end so I can find it.

Have a great week.

Pawsitively yours,

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John ‘Ask The Dog Guy’ Wade

P.S. Deal Of The Week

The Beautiful Balance Dog Training With Nature's Template - 'Fully Balanced Companion Dog Training'

The Beautiful Balance – Companion Dog Training With Nature’s Template (downloadable eBook

Dog Training Without Food Or Fear

Quite possibly the shortest book on companion dog training ever written. In fact, more of an essay. Nevertheless, if you can ignore the fact that I seemingly ignored every grammar and editing rule in existence (I did), you’ll likely learn more about companion dog training from the perspective of what not to do and why, and what to do and why than anywhere else. Only $4.99 CND which is about $4.40 US. Click Here

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Help Others Discover Science & Common Sense In Companion Dog Training

My goal in 2022 (and onward) is to provide larger numbers of companion puppy and dog owners with access to science and common sense to counter the tsunami of ‘treat, treat, treat’ or ‘might is right’ misinformation that the amateur dog training world disseminates. I will be doing so via my YouTube Channel, Ask The Dog Guy ‘Pawdcast’, and an increased presence on things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (and this newsletter).

You can help me (ATDG) spread the word by:

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  3. Sharing/forwarding your favorite ATDG articles, ATDG YouTube Videos, and ATDG Pawdcast episodes with friends.

Any support no matter how small helps.

Many thanks,

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John ‘Ask The Dog Guy’ Wade

Do You Need 'Ask The Dog Guy's' FIVE STAR Help?

Bad Dog

I have helped companion puppy and dog owners from around the world (Canada, USA, England, South Korea, India, Mongolia).

Without Treats or Brutality

  • Puppy Lifeskill Obedience
  • Adult Lifeskill Obedience
  • Aggression
  • Fear Anxiety

I have quite a bit of detailed information prepared that answers most questions. Send me an email with as many details as you can and I’ll get back to you quickly with an overview of how I can help. [email protected]

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Pawdcast content ranges from responses to companion dog behavior questions, to tips about training, breeds, breeding, rescues, etc. You’ll find the content is very different from most of the guidance you’ll find on the Internet and from people whose training experience seems to be based on watching the movie The Lady and The Tramp and confusing it with a documentary about dog behavior. (Treat, treat, treat or might is right.) Instead, you’ll find guidance based on both science and common sense along with the perspective of a 30+ year career working full-time with companion puppy and dog owners and their dogs.

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