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Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler/Red Heeler)

Dog Park Aggression

Aggressive in the Dog Park (Australian Cattle Dog)

Dog Socialization in the Dog Park Dear John, I have a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog. She is great, obedient, smart, etc. I have had a problem with her dominance/aggression since I’ve had her as a six-week-old pup. She still gets into frequent altercations with other dogs when she is off a lead. Can you help? […]

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Dog on Crack

Hi John I have two dogs.  One is a 1-year-old deaf Blue Heeler named Lightning. The big issue in this house is Barrel the 2-year-old Australian shepherd/ blue heeler cross.  He is extremely active and energetic.  We try to get all his energy out everyday with walks, and playing ball in the yard etc, but

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