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Kitten Attacks Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund and Poodles

I am fostering a 3-month-old kitten. I have 4 dogs. She gets along with all the dogs except she is fixated on hunting and attacking my 3lb Yorkshire Terrier. My Yorkshire Terrier is terrified of her and I am scared she is going to seriously hurt her. I have been fostering the kitten since she was 5 weeks old but she has only just recently started this behavior. My other dogs are 2 20lbs Poodles that she is terrified of and a small Dachshund that she tries to attack as well (he growls at her and she gets scared). What should I do?

Michelle – Hialeah, FL

Dear Michelle,

That’s more of a cat behavior question than a dog so you might want to get a second opinion. I’d supervise so there’s zero chance of them interacting without intervention until this is resolved. This isn’t just for the safety of the dogs it’s so you send a more consistent message to the subject. Keep a product called “pet corrector” in your pocket and when the kitten so much as looks cross-eyed at the dog(s) use it. It’s just a blast of Carbon Dioxide so it’s harmless but it startles the dickens out of most cats and some dogs.
– John

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