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Dog Scared of Hot Air Balloons and Is Afraid to Go For Walks

Fear of Balloons Hi John: Our dog was frightened by  hot air balloons flying very low. However, two weeks ago whilst out on a walk she came practically face-to-face with a balloon about to take off and since then I can only describe her behaviour as verging on paranoid. The situation is now rapidly deteriorating.  Over […]

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Thunder Revisited

Dear  John, My min schnauzer, Olive, has increasingly become fearful of various noises – fireworks noises in particular.  She pants heavily, will not settle down, and her whole body shakes.  Her shaking and panting became so extreme that I thought she might have a heart attack. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Eve

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Thunder Soundtrack

A downloadable very high sound quality soundtrack. No waiting. No Shipping. No Handling Just download, burn to a CD & Play $17.99 U.S Puppies There’s not much you can do about a dog that is genetically prone to anxiety, but breeders and dog owners can head off the thunderstorm problem by exposing puppies before 12

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Dog Anxiety Due to Thunder and Fireworks

What advice do you have to help with dog anxiety due to thunder & fireworks? Sam is a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler X female. If she hears these sounds in the house she immediately hides in the basement. If she hears it while we are already walking outside she wants to run home. She has even

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