"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear

Things to Know About Owning Guarding/Aggression (By Design) While They Are Still A Puppy

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aggressive (by design)

The Cuteness Trap Specially Recommended for These Readers: Breeders of Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds (as a resource for puppy inquiries and buyers) People Interested in Owning Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds Dog Trainers Working with People with Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds Puppies Veterinarians with Less Aware Clients That Bring In Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds Puppies People [...]

Does Breed Matter?

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does breed matter

Does breed matter? I think so and elaborated why on a dog training Facebook group recently. I had posted some images on a dog training group of a dog I was booked to go see. The owners had been told Boxer crossed with a Mastiff. They were told or had assumed English Mastiff but based [...]

Fur Baby and Pet Parents

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fur baby

This column is a response to a comment made on one of my other columns where I was taken to task for what was described as “The contempt you seemingly have for the “fur baby” type is offensive.” You can find the column and the comment here – http://www.askthedogguy.com/second_dog_good_idea_or_not/. I don’t think you need to read [...]