"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear

WadeCollar for my Cane Corso

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Picture of a WadeCollar

Hi John, We are picking up our cane corso puppy next week. He'll be 8 weeks old. Do I need to get a WadeCollar that will fit him now and then a new bigger one as he grows? Or wait a few months and get a bigger size he can grow into? Chris in Texas [...]

Second Dog – Good Idea Or Not?

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Getting a Second Dog

(I’ve written this Second Dog first draft stream of consciousness and as comments come in and other things come to mind I’ll make some additions) There are good reasons for getting a second dog and some bad reasons for getting a second dog. Even when the reasons are good enough it can end up being [...]

Pit Bull Won’t Come

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Pit Bull

Hi John, I have a rescue pit bull. I am a male and his is also. When we first got him he was very timid around me and other males but just loved women. Over time with patience and positive reinforcement he no longer acts timid or threatened by me and even begs to lie [...]