"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

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Aggressive Dachshund – Towards Husband

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aggressive dachshund

Dear John, My 6 year old male dachshund has been aggressive toward my husband for most of the 6 years we've had him, but lately he's getting worse. It's only when my husband walks by him that he will nip/bite his ankle. What is the problem? C.D. (Gardendale, Alabama) Dear, C.D. Hard to say with [...]

Should I get a second dog?

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dog and cat friends

Hi John, I was wondering what your thoughts were on getting a companion animal for our dog. He's only alone 3 days a week for a long period (about 8 hours), but I feel bad for leaving him. I've heard that a cat can be good company, and I'd rather go that route than get [...]

Great Tip For Breeders & Veterinarians & Vet Techs (& People That Want to Travel With Their Dogs)

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Car Sick Dogs and Puppies

I get this sort of letter fairly frequently: Frequently this is perceived as a motion sickness issue (and sometimes it is) but more often than not it’s a byproduct of a common mistake breeders and puppy owners make during the dog’s critical socialization period and more specifically smack dab in the middle of the pup’s [...]