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Donating To A Rescue? BE VERY CAREFUL

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donating to a rescue

I just read an article about an animal rescue that is including in its mandate the promotion of veganism that reminded me how important it is to be very careful when donating to a rescue. From what I can tell, the vegan agenda wasn’t for the animals (thank goodness – I’ve seen that before) but for humans.

I don’t have the slightest problem with the promotion of veganism, BUT goodness gracious are financial resources so grand that something like this should be included in a mandate?

If they can’t find an outlet that more immediately addresses the needs of rescue animals (seriously they couldn’t find something?), give the money to a rescue that needs some help becoming so fortunate that they too will end up with more money that they need. 

If I were donating to this chain (yes it’s a chain) of shelters, I would consider this to be a mismanagement of funds and donating to a rescue like this would be ended until the agenda confused administration had been replaced.

Why is it that so many shelters and rescues don’t understand the actual rescue business? If they have resources beyond the day to day care, the surplus should be invested in addressing the cause of the problem filling shelters.

It seems to me now that the rescue world is now on par with the breeding world. There are more bad ones than good ones.I don’t think the general public is aware of this yet when they are donating to a rescue.

In my region, more rescues are promoting lousy training than good and ironically vigorously encouraging the breeding of poorly bred crosses and “pure” bred dogs. They will not sell a dog to anyone that so much as say’s “No” to one of their dogs. But that’s another topic.

If You Are Currently Donating to a Rescue Or Are Considering Donating To A Rescue – Ask:

Are they promoting ‘all positive’ only training?

Neither ‘all positive’ training or ‘might is right’ training is good for dogs. DON’T DONATE This nonsense gets a lot of dog owners and dogs into trouble.

Do they slam or discourage the breeding of purebred dogs?

DON’T DONATE. Most rescues (like many breeders) do not know what constitutes good breeding and they just criticise breeding of dogs with catchy but stupid under analyzed slogans.

Slamming or discouraging of lousy breeding I understand. It’s almost a hobby of mine. That’s the rescue world’s “supply”. BUT, the wholehearted endorsement of responsible breeding of quality purebred dogs should be rabidly promoted.

Bad breeders are their supply chain top link, not good responsible breeding. It is irresponsible for them to discourage people from going to good breeders.

A good first step would be to before they continue slamming dog breeding in general, they learn in-house to make a distinction between good breeding and bad breeding. From what I’ve seen most rescues like breeders have only a very superficial idea of what constitutes good breeding practices but have an enormously inflated opinion as to how much they know about an entirely different area of expertise. (They’re often the same with training.)

Then if they have so much money that they could invest in education a second step would be to promote good breeding instead of this unethical painting them all with the same brush. All rescues with the “only support our part of the dog world” are doing now is forcing the good ones out of business while having absolutely no impact on lousy breeding. In fact, by making existence increasingly tricky for good breeders, they’re just leaving the market wide open for guess who? How is that good for anyone?

Their myopic “we good – them bad” myopia is damaging to the dog world. Rescues should instead partner with good breeders in educating the public. That has a better chance of decreasing the misfit population.

Do they claim to be no-kill?

Again no such thing. Someone is doing the killing. All too often you’ll find they’re just passing it off to someone else (yes unsuspecting and often inexperienced dog owners – see article link below) or only picking the cream of the crop and turning away all others forcing the responsible rescues to make the hard decisions.

Now if they were to say ‘Reduced Kill’ that makes more sense. What “No-Kill” does mean is, “We Don’t Kill, We’ll Let Someone Get Hurt, and Then You Can Kill” Or, “If We Don’t Kill We Can Feel Good By BLAMING Everyone Else”.

If they’re one of those – DON’T DONATE. They’re just trying to make themselves look good at the expense of the harder working more honest rescues.

Do they have an education budget for their staff and volunteers and is it being spent wisely?

Many are great people that unfortunately believe a love of animals equates with actually knowing something about them. If that’s all they have to offer, DON’T DONATE.

Before you support, read their mandate

When you talk to them ask them if they can repeat it without looking it up. If not, DON’T DONATE.

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