"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear

Spay Neuter Advantages

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spay neuter advantages

I’m looking for your opinion regarding spay neuter advantages. Including the best age to spay and neuter a large breed dog. (Specifically a Cane Corso). I know that medically, there is little benefit to neutering, but can’t find actual evidence for behavioural benefits. Anecdotally (I work at a vet clinic) I would say there is [...]

Adding A New Dog to An Older Dog Household

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adding a new dog

Start On Neutral Territory This weekend we will be adding a new dog by taking in a friend’s 1-year-old golden doodle permanently. He’s well trained, but still a puppy. We currently have a bichon frise who will be 14 years old soon. He is a wonderful dog, gets along with other dogs & our 2 cats. [...]

Afraid of the car

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afraid of the car

When I got my cane corso puppy, he was very timid of everything. He has progressed greatly (not afraid of anything anymore) but, he is afraid of the car, at least getting into the car. What steps can i take to help him understand nothing to fear about vehicles. Once inside a vehicle it takes [...]

Chow Chow Aggression

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We adopted a 2 year old female Chow 4 months ago and we have learned how to make her calm, come (very food oriented) no chewing and combing, which she is still uncomfortable just seeing the brush. What we can’t seem to help her with is when our grown son visits once or twice a [...]