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Pit Bull Extremely Fearful of Thunderstorms and Fireworks

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fear of thunderstorm and fireworks

My 8-year-old pitbull Nala started to become extremely fearful of thunderstorms and fireworks a few years ago. Every summer after the first few storms and fireworks happen she turns into a nervous dog. She doesn’t want to go out past 6 pm. She is constantly looking around “waiting” for something to happen. She starts shaking [...]

DOG TRAINERS! Words Matter – Question The Use of Fur Baby and Pet Parent

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Words Matter

The first few times I heard someone refer to a dog as a ‘fur baby’ or themselves as a ‘pet-parent’ I found myself scrutinizing the person for signs of mental illness. It seemed such an odd thing to say. I then remembered quite a few years earlier, someone sending me a letter, taking me to [...]

Powerful Stud of a Cane Corso Aggressively Protective of His Food and Toys

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Female Cane Corso With a toy

Our Cane Corso (named Tito) is about 14 months, and he is just a very powerful stud of a dog. He is extremely playful and well tempered, he responds to commands extremely well for a 14-month-old ball of muscle with extremely high energy, however, after adding a 2nd into the family pack Tito has become [...]

Companion Dog Training Should Be Different

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companion dog training

This is an excerpt from a free booklet (What Are The Different (and best) Puppy and Dog Training Methods) I put together for people considering the best approach to training their companion dogs. The purpose of the chapter was to demonstrate that when looking for the right type of dog training and dog trainer it’s [...]

Puppy Mouthing Nipping and Biting

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puppy mouthing nipping and biting

If you have a puppy mouthing nipping and biting problem in spite of following the instructions of a trainer or online recommendations, here is the very likely reason why. The Advice You’ve Been Getting Is Probably Wrong (And Making Things Worse) Almost every bit of information companion dog owners receive on the topic of puppy [...]

Socialization Classes – Not a Fan

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I have 2 Cane Corsos. We do a lot of training and socializing classes. My question is, my male who is 20 months old ignores me at times. Other times he doesn’t. How do I fix this? Jeff Hi Jeff,   I’d need some more information before I could say how to go about fixing. [...]

Cane Corso Dog Nervous Around Child

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dog nervous around child

I recently acquired a 2-year-old female Italian mastiff. She is a great dog, acts great around the adults, but something freaks her out when someone is on the floor. She is great with our 8-year-old grandson but nervous of the 1-year-old who spends a lot of time on the floor, she sometimes abruptly butts him [...]