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Leash Specific Aggression

Dogs Fighting

Dog To Dog Aggression – Unfamiliar Dogs

Unfortunately, because the world of dog training is driven by people (trainers) that love dogs most dogs end up being influenced more by their hormones, breed genetics, bloodlines, and evolutionary programs alone, as opposed to these things AND a loving authority figure in the context as is universally found in higher order social species such as dogs, wolves, apes, humans, etc. Here’s how dogs are often led astray, and needlessly become aggressive with unfamiliar dogs. – John Wade

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Cane Corso Red Flags

Young Cane Corso With Multiple Red Flags Regarding Aggression

Working hard perhaps, but not working smart. In most instances, the Cane Corso is a hobby level of commitment as opposed to a pet level. Not all but almost all of what you describe above are based on ‘All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free… .’ the arena of the amateur companion dog trainer and serious trouble for a Cane Corso owner.

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Healing the Heel

Patrolling Cane Corso

Thanks, in advance for taking the time to read this if you do get to it. I currently have a 14-month-old very large and beautiful brown male Corso pup. I call him a pup because I know until they are three they are ever changing. I’ve had experience with the breed before but been about

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