German Shepherd

New Dog In A Multiple Dog Household – Aggression

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Multiple Dogs In The Same Household - Aggression

We have 3 dogs a Golden, German Shepherd Mix, and a St Bernard Mix. Last may we took on my sons Australian Shepherd while he deployed for the Airforce. Everything was going really well until about 2 weeks ago when she has started getting very aggressive towards our St Benard Mix, which we think has [...]

Dogs Fighting – Akita/German Shepherd X, Bouvier, Labrador Retriever

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Dogs Fighting

Hi John, My name is Danielle and currently I have three dogs. I have a bouvier (4) and Akita/Shepherd (2) and a black lab (4 months). We have just recently moved into a new home that is located on acres of land and provides the dog with a lot of running room. Lately we have [...]

Overly Enthusiastic German Shepherd

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german shepherd running

Hi John, I have a 2 year old german shepherd dog who is normally very well behaved. He took to basic commands and potty training almost instantly and responds very well with a few exceptions. We have been having difficulty in getting him to remain calm in public or on walks. We took him to [...]