Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Food Aggression

Food Aggression Golden Retriever

Hi John, I have a concern regarding my 7 year old golden retriever/chow mix. Recently we have taken Fret from my father inlaw because he can no longer walk him. My problem is that Fret is aggressive when it comes to his food bowl. It is the only thing that seems to bother him. He …

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Paw Licking Golden Retriever

Paw Licking Not Always An Allergy We have a two-year old, male golden retriever that about once every four or five months licks his paw until it is balding and slightly red. It always heals over but we are puzzled by what is causing this paw licking behaviour. He gets exercise and plenty of mental …

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Golden Retriever and Bassett Hound Jumping on Guests

We have two dogs one a Golden Retriever and the other a Bassett Hound. Whenever quests come into the house they go nuts jumping all over them. We have taken to hooking them up with a leash at a distance back from the door to at least allow our guests to get in the door …

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Golden Doodle Aggression

We are the owners of a 4-year old Golden Doodle. She is an incredibly smart dog and we are very ‘tolerant’ owners. She has the ability to be very well behaved but we have not displayed the commitment to training her in a consistent manner. Many of her foibles seem minor but her reaction to …

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Working Golden Retrievers

Gunilla Weeden and her working Golden Retrievers You don’t see this much anymore.

Watch Your Fingers – Food Aggression

Dear John, We have a Golden Retriever pup, named Cook now 8 months old. He has a bit of a food aggression problem. Every so often he will seize up and start ferociously growling. I don’t feel confident that his place in the pack is clear. M.F.

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