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John Wade’s – Ask the Dog Guy Newsletter – August/23/2013

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Gassy Puppy
New Ask The Dog Guy Column – Pups That Play Too Rough With Other Dogs
Bossy Bully Puppies

Dear John,

Is my 7 month puppy out of line by biting my other dog all the time? It seems to be annoying to the older dog. Should she have grown out of this puppy biting stage by now? Is there anything we should be doing to stop it? Or will the problem fix itself over time?

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Watch Video– “On the Origins of Dogs: Barking up the Evolutionary Tree” – Patricia Princehouse, PhD
origins of dogs

Part 1

  1. Canine-human bond
  2. Significance of dogs in evolutionary theory
    1. Extensive variation, role of selection
    2. Limitations on variation & thus selection
    3. Rate of Change
    4. Mosaic evolution in anatomy & behavior

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When is the correct age for spaying and neutering?
Angry Vet

An article written by the “Angry Vets”, about spaying and neutering with the argument being that it’s being done far too young. It made me want to read more. “Think rationally. How would removing a child’s reproductive organs before puberty affect their growth, maturation, and development?

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September Greater Toronto Area – John Wade – Workshops & Events
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