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Puppy Socialization Cheat Sheet PDF

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On A Puppy Socialization or 'Kindergarten' Classes

They Can Be And Most Often Are BAD For Your Puppy

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I have never recommended puppy socialization classes. They miss the boat on so many necessary and more important aspects of socialization and dog owners trying to do the right thing find out later they’ve fear imprinted instead of socialized or left out most of the real things a dog needs to be exposed to and a bunch of other dogs is pretty low on my list. In fact, the research is pretty clear. Dog-to-dog imprinting is completed between 3 – 6 weeks of age. The maintenance of those social skills is supposed to occur with familiar similar dogs, not unfamiliar dogs of various ages and breeds, once a week on unfamiliar territory. Would you drop your child off downtown, once a week for an hour, and say, “Go make some friends?”

I’ve seen the consequences of this income-stream, not science-driven (socialization/kindergarten) classes rear its head later in the puppy’s life, because it had a direct negative impact due to a bad experience, but more often because the real socialization period expires (12 weeks of age), and what you find in this free Puppy Socialization Cheat Sheet PDF was entirely missed.

This pdf is what I call a John Wade’s Puppy Socialization Cheat Sheet. It gives you an idea of what I recommend you expose your puppy to from 3 to 12 weeks of age.

The areas I mention on the list for you to target may seem silly, but I’ve been training for over 30 years and have seen enough and read enough research papers to know that a wide range of sounds, smells, sights, and textures experienced in a pleasant or neutral manner before 12 weeks of age are what make or break the degree a dog will as an adult be able to share its owner’s life.

Doing as many of these things as possible reduces fear and aggression as well.

Click on the following link for your free copy: John Wade’s Puppy Socialization Cheat Sheet

Puppy Socialization with John WadeAlternatively, if you’re a puppy owner ravenous for more than a cheat-sheet, or a veterinarian, a vet tech, a breeder, or a dog trainer that wants to expand their knowledge and therefore skillset, download the full eBook: Socialize Your Puppy for Everything by John Wade

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