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Puppy Training

When Is The Best Time To Begin Puppy Training?

The earlier, the better is the short and simple answer. It depends is more accurate.

Puppy training falls into two entirely separate categories.

1. Obedience
The Forming Of A Stable Temperament During Critical Imprint Period (Three to Twelve Weeks of Age +/- 1 week.)

How you move forward depends on two things:

1. It depends on your dog’s breeder investment in your puppy before you picked up.
2. It depends on who you hire to guide your puppy’s obedience training.

Puppy Socialization with John Wade

Puppy Socialization Cheat Sheet PDF

Don’t Waste Your Time Or Money On A Puppy Socialization or ‘Kindergarten’ Classes They Can Be And Most Often Are BAD For Your Puppy I have never recommended puppy socialization classes. They miss the boat on so many necessary and more important aspects of socialization and dog owners trying to do the right thing find …

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GatorAid Puppy Mouthing Nipping Biting

Hello John, I am the owner of a 12 week old female black Labrador Retriever who is really challenging my confidence. I really love her and do not want to give her up but she has become a serial biter. She is drawing blood and  bruised me more then once. I have found myself in …

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