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Things to Know About Owning Guarding/Aggression Breeds While They Are Still A Puppy

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aggressive (by design)

The Cuteness Trap Specially Recommended for These Readers: Breeders of Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds (as a resource for puppy inquiries and buyers) People Interested in Owning Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds Dog Trainers Working with People with Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds Puppies Veterinarians with Less Aware Clients That Bring In Guarding/Aggression (By Design) Breeds Puppies People [...]

Breed Banning – Should Rottweilers, Not Just Pit Bulls Be Banned?

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breed banning

I recently read an article by Beth Clifton in Animals 24-7 titled “The Rottweilers In My Life” in which she reflects on her experiences with the four Rottweilers she has either owned or lived with and concludes that “keeping a Rottweiler is not worth the risk, trials, and tribulations that come with the dog” and [...]

2 Year Old Rottweiler Now Hates the Vet

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hates the vet

2 Year Old Rottweiler Now Hates the Vet My almost 2-year-old Rottweiler now hates the vet. I don’t mean when we go there. I mean he only hates when they start poking him and try to muzzle him or give him meds. Anything that has to do with meds and shots and grabbing at him he [...]

Loving Your Dog is the Easy Bit – Training Your Dog Tangibly Shows That Love

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There’s a petition circulating at this time to: “Punish Florida deputy that SHOT family dog after trespassing on property!” It seems that the property was posted as having dogs and the deputy either in his haste missed the sign or felt professionally required to prioritize his actions and felt that trespass was for the greater [...]