Doberman Pinscher

Seriously Aggressive Doberman – Possible Reasons Why

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Aggressive Doberman

I have a three-year-old male aggressive Doberman.
 We did obedience with him his whole life. The problem started off as redirection. He got into a fight with his brother. When I tried breaking it up, he snapped at me. And I had no choice but throw him down and hold till he gave up. I [...]

Why Does My Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

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Reasons for Canine Separation Anxiety Hi John: My sister’s dog is a 50 pound, 11-year-old mix Doberman Pinscher/German Shepherd X. Molly has always suffered from separation anxiety but in recent months has become destructive. She has totally chewed up sofa cushions and more dangerously, wires! She seems to be having trouble adjusting to my sisters new [...]

Obedience Classes (Rottweiler/Doberman)

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Hello Mr. Wade, My daughter adopted a rescue dog a female Rottweiler/Doberman cross, about 2 years old. Stella adapted well, has been to 2 obedient courses and finished at the top of her class! My concern is that she is very dominant and recently had a situation while visiting my other daughter who has a [...]