Aggressive Dachshund and a Baby

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Aggressive Dachshund

I have a nine-year-old male dachshund who is very mean. To date he has bitten five people, sending two to the hospital and two others being family members living in the home. We are now expecting our first grandchild in January. I was wondering if there is a medication that would help him. I don’t [...]

Kitten Attacks Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund and Poodles

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Pet Corrector

I am fostering a 3-month-old kitten. I have 4 dogs. She gets along with all the dogs except she is fixated on hunting and attacking my 3lb Yorkshire Terrier. My Yorkshire Terrier is terrified of her and I am scared she is going to seriously hurt her. I have been fostering the kitten since she [...]

Will Cane Corso hurt my dog?

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Cane Corso

Will Other Dog Be Safe Around New Cane Corso? This inquiry came in after the author had read one of my other Cane Corso columns. (http://www.askthedogguy.com/aggression-maturing-cane-corso/) Hi John, I’m currently not a Cane Corso owner because I’m doing as much research as I can now before getting one. I have 2 questions. First, I have [...]