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Questions You Should Ask A Dog Trainer – Especially If They’ve Given Themselves A Fancy Title

Questions To Ask Anyone Offering You Dog Training Advice This Includes Veterinarians, Vet Techs And Rescue Volunteers This is part of a ‘Food For Thought Series regarding the unregulated world of dog breeding and training’. More, but not exclusively for people thinking of getting a puppy or dog so they can avoid some of the …

Questions You Should Ask A Dog Trainer – Especially If They’ve Given Themselves A Fancy Title Read More »

‘Good To Knows’ Regarding The Unregulated World Of Companion Dog Breeding And Training

What passes for ‘research’ by the average citizenry on the planet is rarely remotely legitimate research and the vast majority of resources, whether books, websites, videos, alleged experts, amateur dog trainers, etc. are responsible for far more misinformation rather than information.

Evil Google

You Say You Researched The Breed, The Breeder, The Training Or The Trainer…

When we ‘research’ something on the Internet, the search engines we use (Google, Bing, etc.) rarely provide us with expert advice links. Their algorithms take us to sites that are search engine optimized, trending or otherwise popular, and/or similar to the philosophical leanings that past searches of the person that types in the topic.

When Is The Best Time To Begin Puppy Training?

The earlier, the better is the short and simple answer. It depends is more accurate.

Puppy training falls into two entirely separate categories.

1. Obedience
The Forming Of A Stable Temperament During Critical Imprint Period (Three to Twelve Weeks of Age +/- 1 week.)

How you move forward depends on two things:

1. It depends on your dog’s breeder investment in your puppy before you picked up.
2. It depends on who you hire to guide your puppy’s obedience training.

Female Cane Corso

Finding A Great Cane Corso Breeder And Avoiding Cane Corso And Other ‘Greeders’

The sad truth for North American companion dog owners and dogs is all that is required to be a dog breeder is the ability to distinguish between a male and a female dog and the vast majority know this and very little else. Some know a bit more but perhaps one in a hundred really do the job correctly. Even sadder is these cream of the crop breeders are being buried by the ‘greeders’ and deserve far more credit than they receive. I will do a more thorough ‘pawdcast’ on good breeding practices to look for when you’re looking for a dog if enough interest develops.

Here are some tips about finding a knowledgeable breeder and the sorts of things that mean it’s a knowledgeable breeder.

The person that wrote the letter was looking for a Cane Corso Breeder but much of what follows is applicable to finding a breeder of any breed.
This video isn’t by any means intended to be a complete guide regarding finding a good breeder but it does provide some eye-opening considerations on why so few breeders should be breeding dogs along with a few tips on how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Some breeds are mini-vans and some breeds are Ferraris. The Cane Corso is no-minivan. For those thinking of purchasing the breed or have one and are having some difficulties, this link leads to a considerable amount of free Q&A’s additional information on the Cane Corso breed specifically:

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