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ATDG’s Puppy and Dog Stuff Newsletter Issue # 2 (June 10, 2022)

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Made Me Chuckle

Opinion Pieces By Yet Two More ‘Experts’

Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment.

(Essay to Leo Baeck, 1953) ― Albert Einstein

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Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Dog Training, Breeding, and Rescue

But will wish you (and others) did know before getting and training a dog.

If the Internet were a Petri dish, social media has to a significant extent become the medium for cultivating stupidity and ignorance. In the unregulated worlds of dog training, dog breeding, and dog rescue the average consumer is often unaware as to how much of what they are told is sizzle as opposed to actual steak and ) (dare I say) actually based on either ignorance or stupidity.

Here are a couple of articles that I wish everyone was exposed to before engaging with a trainer, breeder, or rescue. What a different world it would be for companion dogs and their owners if companion dog owners began to make decisions for themselves and their dogs by filtering those decisions through these tip-of-the-iceberg considerations.

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An 'Ask The Dog Guy' Tip

Handy Tick Removal Device

I teach my clients how to get dogs that don’t have good or any recall (‘Come’) right at the beginning of their training programs. The cardio is far better in influencing serotonin levels and the impact of the ability to use their noses (to check their ‘pee-mail’, is no small thing either.

Some of those areas are going to have tall grass, which means the potential for ticks. Always give your dog a head-to-toe examination after these outings. Even if your dog has had the Tick vaccine, there isn’t one for humans and you sure don’t want to get Lyme disease.

Pictured below is what I keep on my keychain. If you can’t find it locally, here’s an Amazon link. Click Here

If you have any questions or comments as always, please give me feedback on Twitter. Which part of this newsletter is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @askthedogguy and put #askthedogguynewsletter at the end so I can find it.

Have a great week.

Pawsitively yours,

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– John Wade 🐾 (

P.S. Deal Of The Week

The Beautiful Balance Dog Training With Nature's Template - 'Fully Balanced Companion Dog Training'

The Beautiful Balance – Companion Dog Training With Nature’s Template (downloadable eBook)

Dog Training Without Food Or Fear

Quite possibly the shortest book on companion dog training ever written. In fact, more of an essay. Nevertheless, if you can ignore the fact that I seemingly ignored every grammar and editing rule in existence (I did), you’ll likely learn more about companion dog training from the perspective of what not to do and why, and what to do and why than anywhere else. Only $4.99 CND which is about $4.40 US. Click Here

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My goal in 2022 (and onward) is to provide larger numbers of companion puppy and dog owners with access to science and common sense to counter the tsunami of ‘treat, treat, treat’ or ‘might is right’ misinformation that the amateur dog training world disseminates. I will be doing so via my YouTube Channel, Ask The Dog Guy ‘Pawdcast’, and an increased presence on things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (and this newsletter).

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– John Wade 🐾 (

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