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General Training

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Shocking a Puppy for Peeing In The House

Definitely do not use a shock collar in this manner. That will almost certainly backfire in so many ways and is entirely unnecessary. You can housetrain a puppy to eventually go to the bathroom three times a day in one spot, in relatively short order. It just requires a little while of working with your puppy based on what a puppy is capable of at different stages of puppyhood and some diligent supervision on your part.

Come When Called (Golden Retriever/Rottweiler Cross)

Hi there, I have a 1.5-year-old Golden Retriever/Rottweiler cross, and he is generally very good but he does have a problem which I don’t seem to be able to fix. While outside he doesn’t always come when called. He knows his name! but he just tunes me out whenever he feels like it. I’ve tried …

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