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Before You Buy a Rescue Dog – Essential Reading List

‘Good To Knows’ Regarding The Unregulated World Of Companion Dog Breeding And Training

What passes for ‘research’ by the average citizenry on the planet is rarely remotely legitimate research and the vast majority of resources, whether books, websites, videos, alleged experts, amateur dog trainers, etc. are responsible for far more misinformation rather than information.

Evil Google

You Say You Researched The Breed, The Breeder, The Training Or The Trainer…

When we ‘research’ something on the Internet, the search engines we use (Google, Bing, etc.) rarely provide us with expert advice links. Their algorithms take us to sites that are search engine optimized, trending or otherwise popular, and/or similar to the philosophical leanings that past searches of the person that types in the topic.

Buying a Puppy – Online vs how to do it right!

I remember you writing that “no one gets a dog until Mom wants a dog” and this mom thinks that it’s time we were buying a puppy. How do you feel about people purchasing dogs online from services like Kijiji? JK (London) Hi JK I was waiting for the someone to ask that question. Kijiji, …

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