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"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

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Beware The Cuteness Trap – Tips For Cane Corso Puppy Owners

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cane corso cuteness trap

The Cane Corso Puppy Cuteness Trap Recommended Reading For: Any companion dog owner with a Cane Corso under 18 months of age. People Interested in Owning The Cane Corso. Breeders of The Cane Corso (as a resource for puppy inquiries and buyers). Companion Dog Trainers that work with Cane Corso companion puppy owners. Veterinarians with [...]

Buying a Puppy – Online vs how to do it right!

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I remember you writing that “no one gets a dog until Mom wants a dog” and this mom thinks that it’s time we were buying a puppy. How do you feel about people purchasing dogs online from services like Kijiji? JK (London) Hi JK I was waiting for the someone to ask that question. Kijiji, [...]